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Lawyers for deceased murder suspect say they would have proven self-defense at trial

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) — It's been nearly three years since Goose Creek Police found two men shot to death and buried behind a home. The discovery shocked the Lowcountry, but the case will never go to trial. It was officially closed when James Edward Loftis, the man charged with the murders, died on Dec. 2.

Former foster mom concerned SC child back with parents facing misconduct charges

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — A child who suffered 16 broken bones as a baby spent the last 48 hours back with his parents. Despite winning custody, the battle over 22-month-old Foxx is not over yet and there’s still concerns over his safety and wellbeing.

Does "Stand Your Ground" law apply to North Charleston shooting over alleged stolen car?

According to the Protection of Persons and Property Act, also known as the “Stand Your Ground” law, a person has the ability to protect himself or herself, even through the use of deadly force, if someone else is unlawfully and forcefully entering a home or occupied vehicle, or if someone is removing or attempting to remove another person against his will from the home or occupied vehicle.

Child ordered returned to parents after abuse investigation

The Dept. of Social Services has been ordered a 22-month-old child returned to his parents' custody, after the boy was taken from the Johns Island couple in 2017. The boy was placed in protective custody amid law enforcement suspicions of child abuse over the discovery of 16 bone fractures during a May 2017 emergency room visit.

Did Sen. Campbell lie to Highway Patrol? Attorney says that's bigger issue than DUI arrest

With Highway Patrol dash camera video shedding new light on the DUI arrest of S.C. Sen. Paul Campbell following a wreck on Interstate 26 Saturday, a Lowcountry attorney says the DUI charge alone isn't the greatest concern for the senator.

ICE may deport Mexican-born ‘dreamer’ acquitted of rape of USC student

Carlos Hernandez was acquitted by a Richland County jury of raping a University of South Carolina student off campus after both had been drinking heavily in Five Points.Ordinarily, Hernandez, 24, of Batesburg-Leesville, would have been set free and tried to rebuild his future.But he is Mexican-born, was smuggled into the United States as a small child and has no permanent legal status. After the acquittal, Hernandez was immediately taken into custody and held for federal immigration officials, his lawyer told The State newspaper on Friday.

Man acquitted of murder after jury hears self-defense story in North Charleston shooting

To prosecutors, Dustin Backman was a drug dealer who killed a rival two years ago amid a turf dispute in North Charleston.

SC parents work to reconnect with toddler son after child abuse probe pulled them apart

Watching young Foxx Coker pad around his Johns Island home, clutching his favorite toy dog and dancing to the theme of SpongeBob SquarePants, his parents can’t help but think of all the little moments like this they have missed over the past two years. His first steps. His first words. His first taste of solid food. Moments forever lost amid a swirl of accusations and heartache.